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Sempra Elite

The best. Always.

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Hello and welcome to sempra_elite. This is an elite Harry Potter icon community, in which members have to apply to gain posting access. While this community is open to everyone, only select members will have posting access. If you are not accepted, however, please do not take offence. Take time to improve your icons and apply again at a later date. This is still like any other icon sharing community - you can join even if you have no desire to post anything.

Here at sempra_elite, we will have weekly themes. These themes give icon makers the opportunity to post icons from other fandoms or the chance to take an idea and put their own creative spin on it. At the end of each week, the moderators will choose the person they felt made the best icons that fit that particular theme. Icon makers do not necessarily have to do the themes, but it's the only way to be considered for the award at the end of the week.

To apply, please read the rules carefully, then follow the instructions in this post. Thank you.

This should go without saying, but post your own icons. Don't post your friend's icons, don't post your grandma's icons, and don't post icons you thought were "really cool and wanted to share". This community is for icons that you have made.
Please give credit to the icon maker if you decide to take an icon. This is a must.
Every post must contain at least 6 icons. Instead of posting 2 or 3 icons every single day, wait until the end of the week to make a bigger post.
The posting of Friends Only banners, headers, or any other kind of graphics is allowed, but it must be behind an LJ-cut. These graphics are bigger and take longer to load. Also, no more than 4 teaser icons are allowed. Please be respectful of those without fast internet connections.
No requests, no resource posts , and absolutely no bases. If your post contains any of these, it will be deleted.
Every post must contain Harry Potter icons. This is sempra_elite, not anyotherfandom_elite. If you decide to do the theme, that post also has to contain Harry Potter icons.
The themes apply to icons only.
Please wait at least 2 weeks before re-applying. Take that time to watch what other icon makers post, and give yourself a chance to improve.
The Moderators have the authority to ban any members acting in a belligerent manner. Immaturity is not allowed here.
Please place the phrase "Sempra, always." in the title of your subject line when you apply so we're sure you've read the rules.
While using a "fake cut" or linking to your own icon journal is allowed, we suggest that you link it to the actual icon entry, not just the journal in general.
If you are rejected, please do not ask which Moderator(s) voted against you. We will not, under any circumstances, disclose this information. It is unnecessary and will only cause drama.
If you have any other questions, please visit the FAQ.

The Moderators


chaotic_whim @ entropic_icons


prncssleia @ prncssandpotter


phuck @ last5

User Icons by: Stephanie - prncssleia
Layout by: Noah - phuck
Userinfo by: Ellen - chaotic_whim

Accepted Members


elite100 || elite_stills || hogwarts_elite/sorting_elite || potter_elite

Please comment at the FAQ to become an affiliate.